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Today's music artist needs to become pro-active with the constant changes of web promotions and this is where Flavoristic may assist you as your professional partner. Flavoristic is a promotional and development company for unsigned or new music artists of different genres. We offer all the important services needed for an artist to advance in the music business along with full studio production of services. Artists can benefit from innovative strategic marketing which utilizes aggressive networking methods.

Alistair Lopez - Managing Partner/Co-executive Producer

Allie is a well-experienced business professional that wears many hats. She has good knowledge of important aspects in the music industry which includes: music law, management, promotions, development, club bookings and music production.

Along with the position of co-executive producer for Flavoristic, she is also co-partners with multiple music organizations and recording studios. Allie brings acting, vocal and dance experience and she can utilize these skills to guide, consult and promote flavorful artists within our network.

John Destacamento - Managing Partner/Co-executive Producer

John has a long background in the music industry along with being a self successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. Other than being a co-executive producer for Flavoristic, John is the president/owner of Sweat Studio, Inc, a fitness facility located in Sunnyvale, California.

From 1983 to 2000, John was a very active mobile and club disc jockey. Over 500 gigs were performed during this 17 year span. John is knowledgeable in music engineering, production and music business. He can ultilize extensive skills in mobile web programming, graphic design and video production. This wide range of skills contributes to the company's overall efficiency. John has previous experience formerly owning his own Indie record company Loud Impact Entertainment.

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